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Your home deserves to look its best and every family deserves a home they love to live in. Siding can make a huge difference in the way your home looks as well as its resale value. Re-siding a home is a top ten remodeling project in terms of overall payback. In fact, you can often recoup your entire investment with the right siding and installation. Not only that, many siding options include lifetime warranties and never need to be painted again. If you’re considering a face lift for your home or you’d like to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency, then new siding may be the answer. With a professional installation from Remedy Roofing, you can enhance your property, add value and reduce your energy costs as well as your energy usage. Nothing can both protect your home and change your home’s overall look faster than a beautiful new, siding installation.

As siding specialists, we are experienced in all aspects of siding installation and repairs. With our siding installations, we offer the same commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that you’ve come to know and trust with our roofing services. We install a variety of siding types, brands and styles including vinyl, fiber cement, wood and composite. Our skilled installers can assist you in choosing the type of siding that’s best for your home’s architectural style as well as your own lifestyle. From choosing the right siding color to the width, price and more, we’ll walk you through the process from start to finish.

Remedy was founded in Katy, Texas by Greg Arnim and Douglas Traylor. Since its founding in 2005, Remedy’s mission has been to consistently offer its customers the highest quality in craftsmanship, materials and customer service.

Just over a decade later, Remedy has become the leader for residential and commercial gutters, roofing, siding and windows in Texas. Through building a reputation based on quality work, we are on the way to becoming the largest roofing company in the United States. Inc 500 designated Remedy Roofing as the 2nd fastest growing construction company in the nation in 2009.


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5 reviews on “Remedy Siding”

  1. Noel F. says:

    I hired Remedy Roofing to replace my siding and roof and repaint the exterior of the home. The siding project got off to a bit of a rough start, but the project manager, Matthew Brewster, was extremely responsive and took the time to address my concerns and got the project back on track. It was clear he was committed to providing high quality service to their clients. The crew that completed the siding (led by Jorge) took their time to get it right and was very quick to correct anything that was not to my satisfaction (i.e. location of a new light, trim material, etc.). They also took care of some water damage that was discovered when the old siding was replaced. I was very pleased with the siding installation and the paint job made it look even better. The paint work was as close to perfect as I could hope. The roof portion of the project was the most impressive because they had my old roof off and new roof completed within 9 hours! 15 squares done impeccably in 9 hours is a sign of an experienced crew who knows what they are doing (led by Henry Gomez). In the span of two weeks they took my house from run-down to looking like a brand new home. Remedy Roofing is not the cheapest contractor, but also not the most expensive. If you are looking for value for the money, they are a solid choice. They don’t lose any stars for the rough patch at the beginning because most construction projects have snags and occasional miscommunications/misunderstandings and Matthew Brewster made sure everything was right and I was happy with their work. Their contracts for work that isn’t roofing could stand to be a bit more detailed, so make sure you write things down and stay in communication with them about your needs and the project scope. I got used to quick texts or emails on a regular basis and it helped the project go much smoother. The bottom line is I would certainly recommend Remedy Roofing for your roofing and similar project needs.

  2. Alice S. says:

    Very fast and didn’t leave a mess!!!

  3. Mustafa M. says:

    My family and I had great experience with this company. Todd was very helpful guiding us through out the whole process. Thanks again folks, y’all make it easy.

  4. Brian B. says:

    Courteous and Fast

    Mark and David were there when needed. The whole crew were courteous and fast. Cleanup afterward was thorough.

  5. Rick M. says:

    Highly Recommend Them

    I hired Remedy to replace my roof and siding. There were a few issues during installation which with a lesser company could have been problematic. However, Remedy stepped up and corrected each to my satisfaction. Then, during heavy rains I began hearing a drip, drip,drip, but saw no evidence of water anywhere. Fast forward 18 months later and WALLAH, big water stain on my ceiling. I called Remedy and over the course or 4 or 5 necessary visits the leak was found. Here is why I highly recommend Remedy Roofing. Although the leak was from a area that they had not installed, (chimney roof cap/fireplace flue) they still sent someone out to correct the issue, and fixed my ceiling. So, any company that stands by their work to this extent is a company to hire. Highly recommend them.

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