Introducing the Check A Pro VIP Gift Card!

The $25.00 Check A Pro VIP Club Card is a reusable card that can be used with any Check A Pro home service provider. Our providers will redeem your VIP Club Card and you will receive a $25 discount.

The $25.00 Check A Pro VIP Gift Card is reusable and does not expire, so hang on to it! You do not need to register your VIP Card before each use. Just go to and then choose your Provider. Just remember to show the Provider your VIP Card. Remember, hang on to your card!

Don't have a $25 VIP Club Card?

To claim your free VIP club card, fill out the form below. This promotion is for a limited time only, while supplies lasts. Limit one VIP Card per household per year. Limit applies only to VIP Cards mailed out under this special offer. (See below for terms of use.)

Terms Of Use:
$25 VIP Card may be used only once with each participating member. VIP Card may be retained by consumer and reused with other Check A Pro participating members. The Check A Pro VIP Card is transferable, reusable and does not have an expiration date. For any questions regarding the Terms of Use of your Check A Pro VIP Club Card contact (281) 398-7767.