Credit Card Authorization Form
For security reasons, we must have your written approval before we make credit card charges. For your convenience we have included a clause which would allow us to charge your credit card for all future orders if you authorize us to do so. This is so that you do not have to fill out and fax the credit card information every time you place an order. Your credit card information is necessary to reserve your spot with Check A Pro even if you are paying by check. Clients paying by check must make payment on time as noted on their agreement. If payment is late, Check A Pro reserves the right to charge your credit card on file to avoid any late fees that may apply. Check A Pro is not responsible for calling or contacting clients before any charge to your credit/debit card is made. It is the clients’s responsibility to make sure funds are available in the account on the billing date located on the agreement. If funds are not available on the due date member may incur a non-refundable $15 NSF fee in addition to any late fees incurred.
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The below signature represents my authorization for Premium Kits, LLC (DBA Check A Pro) to charge my credit/debit provided on this electronic form for all current and future membership fees.

I understand that this card will remain on file to protect against any late charges. This card may be run without calling or contacting me first. It is my responsibility to ensure funds are available to avoid any NSF fees or late charges. At time of cancellation, any remaining balance will be charged to the card provided on this electronic form.

Clear Signature
I understand this is a legal representation of my signature.